Apr.1930Masaichi Saito founded ”Saito Wooden Scissor Manufacturing Works” in Monzen-cho, Sanjyo City Niigata.
Oct.1941Forged Cutlery Association was formed amalgamating 150 Factory. Appointed Masaichi Saito as chirman. The association manufactured and sold small scissors to the cloth headquarter of the former Military Ministry, and all sharp-edged tools needed for aircraft production including steel cutting scissors to NakajimaAircraft Co. ( present Fuji Heavy industries, Ltd. ) located Ohta City, Gunma.
Mar.1945”Formed Kyoei Riki Co.” with business of forged sewing machine parts.
Mar.1958Re-formed Kyoei Forging Works Co., Ltd. with business of works tools including spanners and pliers.
Oct.1969A new forging plant was constructed in the industrial complex at Kaneko-shinden, Sanjyo City to forge machine parts.
Dec.1971A second forging plant was built at 2781 Osaki, Sakae-machi. ( present Sanjyo city )
Jan.1974A new finishing process plant was built at 2781 Osaki, Sakae-machi. ( present Sanjyo city )
Jan.1977The headquarter moved to 2781 Osaki, Sakae-machi. ( present Sanjyo city ) as well as die and press facilities from 606 shimada, Sanjyo city.
Nov.1981A new plant was constructed to put every operation together for stream line production system for improve quality and productivity.
Sep.1985Installed newly automatic rack system for in and out of storage dies.
Sep.1990Increased material shearing facility.
Jan.1991Appointed Yoichi Saito as second president.
Jul.1992Completed new building construction for inspection and finishing process aiming better working condition and quality improvement.
Sep.1992Moved and lay out change press plant for productivity improvement.
Jan.2003Acquisition of ISO9001
Apr.2004main office and a public welfare building was rebuilt.
Apr.2004We have received the ”Supplier Quality Development Award” from Daifuku for the year 2004.
Aug.2005Press/fabrication plant was newly established for purposes of operation efficiency and environmental improvement.
Mar.2007We have been enshrined in 5 year Hall of Fame for John Deere after receiving one of he best supplier acknowledgement known ad ”Partner” status for five straight years.
Aug.2007It Started a KYOEI U.S.A.,INC. as a business base in North America.
Jan. 2009The new forge shop completed.
Apr. 2014High speed air drop hammer (3.0t) was newly established.
Nov. 2014We have established a new 150t digital servo press.
Apr. 2015It was awarded to the top 300 companies from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Apr. 2017Appoited Eitro Saito as third president.