Yoichi Saito

Traditional craftsmanship
nurtured by our home of great pride

Entering the 21st century, Japan has established itself as a Technology-oriented nation. People's tireless willingness for the innovation has been bringing prosperous and highly-technological society. Increasingly complex society brought by further segmentation is now seeking harmony between human and technology.

Since established in 1930, with equipping up-to-date facility, KYOEI has remained a centerpiece of machinery industries that bolstered every other industry, and has provided strong products that are sustainale to any condition of use by merging both specialized expertise developed over the years and modern technology.

KYOEI, being devoted to customers satisfaction and prosperity, believes that our constant challenge to the next level and strict quality management will eventually lead to the constributions to the society.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Yoichi Saito